NicStick Reviews

Presentation/Packaging 3.5/5

NicStick’s tank package has more opting for this inside the presentation department, if possibly for the fact it’s produced from greater quality materials. The style and look is similar, that’s fine. The finest problem I’d from it really was acquiring the whole product because they are. The individually packed charger and tanks are wedged inside so tightly that we nearly required to rip them apart to acquire them out. Not just a huge beef though, somewhat better design may be to make sure that the long run.

Battery/Responsiveness 3.5/5

The tank package incorporates 2 batteries of varied length, but have a inclination to last comparable time period. Each of them work virtually, firing off quickly and creating good vapor. It is not the easiest or smoothest draw though, nevertheless it can get the job done.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

I’m not frequently a sizable fan of three piece kits, but that certain works virtually to date because the vapor is anxious. The refillable tanks possess a inclination to traverses a cartridge having a material drenched in fluid. The tanks may also be apparent, to ensure that it is simple to tell when you’re prepared to refill them. The options aren’t great here though, when you only achieve choose regular or menthol, and so they only can be found in 18mg or 24mg talents.

Overall (No Average) 4/5

You’ll find 2 options of tank kits NicStick offers, only one and duo. The duo is probably a far greater deal climax almost two occasions the price coming at $69.95. However, you obtain 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, additionally to some charger the only package doesn’t include therefore it is a far greater value. If you’re into employing a simpler 510 style ecig, but desire to save by re-clogging your gutters tanks instead of using multiple cartomizers then this is often a excellent option.

Bus Passenger Overreacts to Ecigarette Vapor

Due to the great friend, Steve K from Steve K’s Vaping World using this story of entertainment today!

One passenger round the bus going from Preston to London overreacted concerning the he felt was smoke coming from from another passenger’s bag. The passenger proceeded to call town physiques across the matter at 8:20 AM, developing a ruckus that shut lower the M6 toll road from T3 to T4 junctions. Police-introduced incident incorporated p-boarding everyone, searching each passenger individually, getting within the blast squad and fire service squad and beginning the “sniffer dogs”. People, after being looked were introduced having a cordoned off area where they sitting for many hrs.

After inspection within the passenger’s bag which was supplying the vapor, police considered it had been subsequently only an ecigarette and zip to guide to concern! No charges were have less the incident with no offense was committed.

Much for that dismay of vacationers tomorrow, this incident happened throughout hurry hour and introduced complete chaos for that scene. Some were instructed to look for several hrs, without any hope of moving or becoming re-routed, even though some were re-routed and however stopped because of a considerable accident across the detoured route!

Place slap for that temple here Precisely what a headache we are saying! Throughout some vapor coming from from someone’s bag. However, this really is frequently a indication that for people who’ve an e-cigarette/mod through getting an on/off switch, ensure it isn’t susceptible to being cranked up on a journey! Save everybody the headache and be more careful than that particular passenger was.

- Jessica via Steve K’s Vaping World & The Telegraph
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6 Top reasons to Possess a STAYcation

Fun on the planet. Margaritas at the sea. Romantic romantic dinners. Relaxing health health spa remedies.

Photos of my last vacation? No – they’re recollections of my last STAYcation!

Sure, a travelling vacation features its own rewards – you uncover new places, make new buddies, and luxuriate in sometimes-existence-changing new encounters. Indeed, the thought of travelling in Hawaii, A vacation in a holiday in greece, or maybe more exotic locales is exciting. Nevertheless the details (the price, potential screw-ups, uncomfortable beds, as well as the stress and problems associated with traveling) are sufficient to offer you second ideas. No real surprise any time it calls for investing time off work, particularly for couples, holiday season is very-oooo a year ago. This really is really the entire year in the staycation- and you’ll soon realise why.

You label this a vacation?

Holiday season is wonderful, nonetheless they incorporate a cost…

Expenses – Need to fly for the destination? Be ready to spend something in $5,000 in airfare, hotel, rent-a-vehicle costs. How about meals, brought tours, and entrance costs? Or entertainment, tips, and souvenirs? It may be all useful. However, not.

Pre-a vacation to-do lists- Perhaps you have really pack everything you will need? How about that 220-volt ripping tools and people emergency numbers? Perhaps you have make certain to consider holiday insurance? Turn off the thermostat? Who’s prone to feed the cat? Water the plants? Get the mail?

Plane anxieties - Is it possible to deal with waiting occasions? Escaping . of mattress at ungodly several hours and that means you don’t miss your plane? Several hours and several hours of leg cramps? and bland plane food? Then doing the whole factor again in route back?

Vacation doldrums- Okay, you’re finally there! Beaches are magnificent – hopefully, the sunny weather holds. The ruins are spectacular – well worth the 300 steps you rose to acquire there. The cuisine looks great – if possibly recption menus reaches British. But no less than you’re finally relaxing.

Publish-vacation blues- Precisely how was your vacation? Great, aside from your endless, leg-cramps flight home? Super, aside from your pile at work that collected when you are away? Fabulous, if possibly you weren’t thinking, “Could I have done something better with this particular $5,000?”

Well, you will need another vacation! But next time…

…possess a STAYcation!

A staycation means you possess off your home or take excursions where you live, city, or condition – instead of travelling extended distances or overseas. Initially, it may look like as being a second fiddle with a “real” vacation, but here’s why it could really be relaxing, stress-free, and fun:

  1. Make planning simple - No travel arrangements to order. No luggage to carry along. No itinerary to produce. No pet-sitting to setup. Take each week off and do everything you appear look foward to!
  2. Eliminate travel costs, travel time, and travel stress?- Goodbye, overpriced travel plans well as over-the-top hotel prices! This type of very long time, time lost just coping with your destination and back. Good riddance, potential occurrences like missed travel arrangements, lost luggage, misplaced reservations.
  3. Stay cozy - There’s nothing quite like over sleeping your bed mattress, rather than requiring to concern yourself with where one can eat or maybe your cell phone works. And concurrently, perform “vacation.”
  4. Spend a while- You don’t have to hurry or possibly be restricted having a strict sightseeing itinerary – you are well on staycation! Go to the beach, visit a museum, have brunch with pals – or simply do nothing at all whatsoever. But all in the own pace.
  5. Do what you’ve always aspired to complete (but did not have enough time)- In the event you saved putting off making that scrapbook, creating your living area, or just because best-selling play, it is now time to make it happen! Staycation time is catch-up time.
  6. Uncover new techniques to have a great time, inside your backyard – Explore your area. What’s the park you haven’t looked into? A watering hole you haven’t visited? Flea areas you’ve always aspired to test? Old pals you’ve lost reference to? Visit your surroundings in another light!

BONUS! How to experience a Staycation-for-Two

1. ??????Synchronize your schedule and supply your staycation a start and finished date

2. ??????Switch off your TV, laptops and smart phones put everyone on observe that you’re both on staycation

3. ??????Stock on couple-friendly movies and games

4. ??????Take lots of staycation pictures

5. ??????Create an at-home health health spa (full of fancy soaps and comfy robes) and pamper her

6. ??????Increase your backyard or patio with Margarita nights, camping-outs, or backyard barbecues

7. ??????Enjoy foreign foods – order out for Chinese, Mexican or Italian

8. ??????Allow it to be as if you are remaining in the hotel – splurge around the cleaning service pre-staycation

9. ??????Take lots of activities to nearby sights (consider midweek special discounts!)

10. ??Awaken late, stay in your jammies, watching Alien movies all day long lengthy

11. ??Live near a lake? How about a night meal or sightseeing cruise?

12. ??Go antiquing or vintage shopping

13. ??Turn it into a gastronomic staycation – visit a winery, enjoy an pricey restaurant

An excellent staycation idea? Stock on Eco-friendly Smoke? e-cigarettes! Savor its fabulous tastes and fantastic vapor volume. Much like staycations, get ready to enjoy it without draining your bank account. To find out more and exciting money-saving deals, have a look at our electronic cigarettes.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Partners with USF for Research Study

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is pleased to announce the signing of a research partnership agreement with the University of South Florida’s (USF) Marketing Department.

As part of the agreement, marketing faculty at USF’s College of Business will conduct a study of the perceptions, barriers and transitional comments for smokers moving to the potentially less harmful alternative of electronic cigarettes.

The purpose of this research study is to gain insight into a new segment of consumers who are adopting “vaping” behaviors instead of smoking. The research conducted by USF’s College of Business will encompass both qualitative and quantitative consumer studies via focus groups, interviews and surveys of adult smokers.

The project team from USF includes Professor Paul Solomon, Ms. Carol Osborne, Instructor, and Dr. Anand Kumar, Associate Professor and Chair of the Marketing Department.? The faculty team’s research interests cover areas such as brand strategies, marketing communications’ effectiveness and consumer reactions to new technology products and services.

“From a marketing researcher’s perspective, this is an interesting time in the life of a product,” said Anand Kumar. “The e-cigarette product category is seeing an explosive growth right now. It is not clear whether this growth is the result of rapid adoption by innovators and early adopters that might soon level off or whether there is more widespread adoption by smokers. There is a lot of interest in understanding consumer motivations underlying adoption of this product and limited research that has been carried out on this aspect of the e-cigarette market place.”

In addition to business development, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is committed to the growth of the local area and is looking forward to working with a credible partner to make an investment in the community while accessing talent from USF staff, students and faculty.

“At White Cloud, we develop products based upon consumer insight, integrated with a strong focus upon science, innovation and efficacy,” said Robert Burton, Director, Corporate & Regulatory Affairs. “We target our products at adult smokers looking for an alternative to existing combustible products as well as existing electronic cigarette users looking for better quality products.”

This is the initial phase of what both sides hope will be a long-term relationship between USF and White Cloud. The results of the research studies will be announced and published when available.

SmokeStik Ecigarette Reviews

SmokeStik Ecigarette is certainly a computerized smoking device getting a distinctive technology. SmokeStik will come in four differing types: SmokeStik Premium, SmokeStik Jet,
SmokeStik Royale, and Exclusive Platinum. SmokeStik ecigarette resembles other electronic cigarettes, but posseses an exclusive, brand-new technology. SmokeStik has recently introduced the Cartomizer Technology, which supplies clients several more benefits much more comparison for the traditional atomizer. It combines the functions from the cartridge plus an atomizer, thus making the cigarette a couple-in-one product.

The SmokeStik Cartomizer offers a great deal more capacity of puffs, which equals roughly. 30 regular cigarettes. Furthermore, it produces more smoke which supplies in the feeling of smoking an ordinary cigarette. These cartomizers may also be disposable, which helps it be an even more convenient, two-piece smoking device, eliminating the goal of another atomizer.

Each package incorporates cartomizers in three types- High, Medium and Menthol. You may even choose the potency of SmokeStik tubes, these come in 5 levels: High (16 mg), Medium (8 mg), Low (4 mg), Menthol (8 mg), and Non-Nicotine ( mg).

SmokeStik also provides great add-ons, so ensure to check out their other products!

How Does One Assist With Combating E-Cigarette Restrictions?

Our pals inside the Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Options Association (CASAA) have create a very informative piece that can help us vapers know how we’re able to help really really really make a difference. We very frequently think, “I’m just one person, just what is one able to do?In . But, after we all interact to battle against e-cigarette restrictions country wide, we may well be a effective influence!

At this time around around, e-cigarette advocate groups are acknowledged to as Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) groups. Generate more business need our aid in fighting the legislative battles. CASAA Membership Director, Ron Ward, has create a brief ms ms ms powerpoint striving the simplest approach to help.?The first step should be to know your legislative process in your condition – every condition varies which often takes some analysis. However, the study and time devote it’s helpful if you wish to help to keep the vaping privileges! Uncover a little more about Condition Legislative Periods by going to Ballotpedia’s page, Condition Legislative Session.

You’ll be able to assist others in your condition by posting your state’s legislative info on the CASAA Forum – ensure to judge there first to uncover if an individual has don’t your state’s research to meet your requirements.

Should you discover about legislation being passed in your condition if the involves electric cigarettes, you’ll have to start gathering information for administrative offices and relevant legislators. Regional Reps for CASAA (delinquent volunteers) uses their Forum, Facebook, Twitter, vape club and vape systems to spread good news about legislation in local areas. CASAA demands your assist in monitoring the legislation and getting in touch with to legislators.

After you have made mention of neighborhood CASAA Representative, they’ll manage to allow you to while using relaxation along the way. If you are searching at like a volunteer representative for your area, please contact CASAA today!

To discover more relevant with this important fight for electric cigarettes and exactly how you’ll be able to assist, visit this CASAA blog publish.

- Jessica

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E Cigarettes – Smarter Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes?

Since the electronic cigarette industry topped $1.7 billion in sales in August of this year, more American smokers than ever before have begun to pay serious attention to the benefits associated with using e cigarettes rather than tobacco.

As their popularity continues to increase exponentially, one question continues to surface among smokers, non-smokers and policy makers alike: Are e cigarettes a smarter option than tobacco cigarettes?

Smart vs. Safe: Differentiating the Terms

No matter where you turn, it seems that someone is either defending the safety of e cigs compared to tobacco or condemning it because they haven’t been proven non-dangerous.

When the question as to whether electronic cigarettes are a smarter alternative is posed, it’s important to focus on the fact that “smarter” here isn’t limited to concerns of health or safety.

While numerous clinical studies have been conducted over the past five years in an effort to determine the safety of electronic cigarettes, definitive evidence is still relatively limited. Currently, the majority of the medical community is still hesitant to speak of the health implications of these increasingly popular products.

Even so, many esteemed medical professionals like Dr. Robert Lahita (Chief of Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center) and Dr. Michael Siegel (renowned researcher and Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University) have made the claim that e cigarettes are indeed a better alternative than tobacco cigarettes.

Until sufficient evidence of this is produced, e cig companies and proponents of vaping are unable to accurately make health-related claims.

Why Consumers Love Their E Cigs

In the meantime, there exists an abundance of other reasons one might say that electronic cigarettes are a smarter alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Ask any number of e-cigarette users what makes an electronic cigarette the smarter choice and you’ll find that the reasons offered are fairly consistent across the board.

  • E cigs cost substantially less than tobacco cigarettes
  • E-cigs don’t produce smoke, ash or the offensive odor that comes with burning tobacco
  • Vapers report feeling freer to enjoy a puff almost anywhere, anytime (unlike with tobacco cigarettes)
  • They don’t stain your teeth or contribute to bad breath
  • It’s easy to personalize your vaping experience: flavors, nicotine strength and appearance are all customizable

While we’ve always agreed that electronic cigarettes are the smarter alternative to tobacco cigarettes, it’s the opinions of our customers that really matter to us.

What makes your switch to e cigarettes the smartest decision you’ve ever made? Sound off in our comments section!



Use Your Electronic Cigarettes Responsibly

By switching to electronic cigarettes from smoking tobacco, you get to enjoy the freedom of vaping almost anywhere.

Along with no smelly ashtrays and saving a ton of money, it’s one of the best perks that come with using e cigarettes.

Unfortunately, the majority of public authorities and members of the general public itself have not yet accepted electronic cigarettes for the smoking alternatives that they are. Instead, they see a cloud of something that looks like smoke coming from something that looks like a tobacco cigarette.

This makes many people uncomfortable, despite the fact that e cigs produce vapor instead of smoke.

Consequences of Misinformation

Largely due to the massive amount of inaccurate information in the media, e cigarettes are being equated with tobacco cigarettes all over the country and banned as such.

Many restaurants, libraries and schools have already outlawed vaping while others plan to follow suit.

UC Berkeley campuses throughout California recently proposed bans on e cigarette use despite opposition by e cig supporters. Another example is banning of e cigarettes at Fort Smith Library.

Michael Siegel of the Boston School of Public Health believes that fear and ignorance are to blame for these unnecessary restrictions. “There is a strong ideology in the anti-smoking movement, and now people cannot condone something that resembles the very act of smoking,” Siegel said.

Vapers’ Role in Calming the Fire

Until electronic cigarettes are more widely understood and accepted, vaping in places where smoking is prohibited only serves to draw negative attention to the products and the people who use them.

As this negative attention builds, the media will continue to capitalize upon it, inciting fear of the unknown among the already under-informed.

In order to reduce the amount of scrutiny, it’s important that we remember the power we have as vapers and also be more informed about the differences between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes.

Where and how we use our e cigarettes can greatly impact their standing in the eyes of the public and, perhaps, even public officials. If vapers are generally seen as a responsible group of people, respective of rules and restrictions regarding use, it’s likely that the amount of negative publicity they receive will decrease.

Of course, this is not to say that you shouldn’t ever use your e cigs in public places or feel that you have to hide your vaping. It’s just a good idea to go with your instincts when it comes to where you choose to enjoy a couple of puffs.

Just think about how it might look to someone who doesn’t know how e cigarettes work and go from there. Schools, libraries and medical facilities, for example, would probably not prove the ideal places to exhale huge clouds of smoke-like vapor into the air. Use your best judgment and be responsible!

Where do you think electronic cigarettes should be allowed? Have you ever run into an issue with vaping in public places?

Tell us your stories in the comments section or share with us on our Facebook page!



METRO SEVEN – The Next Large Leap in Disposable Electronic Cigarettes!

Beginning Into Over 3,500 Retail Locations this may!

Wheat Ridge, CO, April 10, 2012 – Nicotek, LLC, an ecigarette provider, just introduced the launch from the new “game-changing” ecigarette referred to as METRO? SEVEN?. SEVEN is scheduled for it might into over 3,500 retail locations. This “one-time-use” e-cigarette continues to be recognized since the next large leap in disposable e-cigarette technology, selling within an MSRP of just $7.99. This awesome product will give you around 300 puffs for the smoker – an identical of roughly two packs associated with a nicotine items. The main options that include SEVEN would be the standard, size and price. The width and length are what standard “king” cigarette plus it has come about as single-piece unit, which requires no setup. SEVEN is known as most likely probably the most realistic e-cigarettes in the world since it most carefully resembles and appears just like a conventional tobacco cigarette – this can be a thing that those that smoke are actually awaiting for within the niche for a long time.

“E-cigs are constantly altering. This new item from METRO will let’s offer our site visitors an even more natural smoking knowledge about an e-cigarette that’s comparable size just like a traditional cigarette. Clients are shopping utilizing their handbags in current day economy, which personally i think METRO SEVEN provides the consumer by getting a choice they have been looking for,” states Chris Col?

Long-term Ecigarette Customers – New Study

More great news, vapers! New research within the worldwide medical journal Addictive Actions props up position that using electric cigarettes might help people who smoke reduce their tobacco consumption in addition to prevent relapse in former people who smoke.

Though previous research carried out about this subject has shown slightly advantageous to get e cigs observed in an optimistic way, this research particularly might be especially helpful.

New Information, New Approach

Professor Jean-Fran?ois Etter from the College of Geneva and Chris Bullen brought the very first-ever longitudinal study electronic cigarette vaping behavior in the College of Auckland. It observed the smoking and vaping behavior of 100s of e cigarette customers between 2011 and 2013.

For any one-month duration, 477 ecigarette customers were adopted while 367 were analyzed for a whole year. Of individuals vaping participants who have been former people who smoke, only 6 % experienced a relapse by which they came back to smoking cigarettes.

Match it up towards the 33 percent relapse rate as reported by customers of the nicotine patch along with other quitting smoking products and it’s not hard to understand why these studies is showing particularly significant.

‘A Bridge to Cessation’ for People who smoke?

The conclusions from the study are specifically intriguing if this involves installments of “dual customers,” or customers who both smoke cigarettes and vape electric cigarettes. Formerly considered to have adverse effects to health, “dual use” has been proven to assist mitigate the amount of cigarettes smoked overall.

Actually, the study’s results reveal that from the participants who still smoked traditional cigarettes additionally to vaping, a substantial number of them were smoking substantially less cigarettes after the path of annually. 46 percent had quit entirely throughout the equivalent time.

How lengthy has your ecigarette stored you from smoking cigarettes? Share your ability to succeed story around yet others.


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