Four Fun Steps you can take on World Vaping Day

Happy World Vaping Day! Today might be the 2nd annual holiday just for vapers. It’s a day-to celebrate each and every success connected with electronic cigarettes, from your personal accomplishments for the huge growth of the marketplace. Do you have any special plans with this particular special holiday? We wish you to offer the best day EVER, here really are a handful of ideas… Happy Vaping!

Appear the music activity

Blast your chosen song at full volume. Start nodding the mind for the beat. Bust to your personal, amazing dance moves. When the song is finished, collapse your body to the nearest chair and vape inside your V2 electronic cigarette.

Host a Vaping Party

Invite total your pals in addition to their e-cigs for just about any fun get-together. Exchange vaping tales, discuss your chosen tastes and batteries, as well as possibly play “Spin the E-Cigarette” (like spin the bottle just replace bottle with ecigarette and you’re ready to play! No cheating…)

Prepare Something Tasty

If you’ve been vaping for a while, your “vaper’s tongue” has probably faded and you’ll enjoy amazing tastes again! Ready your preferred meal and savor each and every bite.

Not just a Chef? See Your Preferred Restaurant

Hop inside the vehicle and buy something. Have a very chair in the favorite restaurant and ask for permission to vape while dining. You may even go ahead and take chance to teach audiences relating to your ecigarette!

Almost No Time Today? Celebrate a couple of days ago rather! Simply make sure to savor yourself…

Happy Vaping Day, from V2 Cigs!

Confusion round the Smoking Stop in Springfield, MO – E-Cigarette Ammendment Still on Hold

If Monday’s voting session in regards to the smoking stop changes didn’t possibly you’ve round the side of your chair already, it will certainly!

Springfield, Missouri’s City Council met to election round the smoking stop changes, which will include eliminating electronic cigarettes within the smoking stop, on Monday evening, however no conclusions were attracted without any options were produced. The selection should be a unanimous decision, nevertheless the changes simply elevated more questions and zilch was resolved. Instead of voting, the council people chosen to think about public discuss the alterations – essentially putting the voting off until early to late May.

The first decision to amend the smoking stop (which incorporated e-cigs) was due to experts feeling the smoking stop “went too muchInch (News Leader). The stop was very general in description, when approved in April of 2011, and banned “general smoking” inside where employees or individuals from the general public would congregate or visit. The alterations were in efforts to “release” the stop somewhat to exclude some types of companies (i.e. tobacco shops, theatrical production venues, etc.) together with the most popular e-cigarette.

“Settling a palatable compromise remains slow work. Up to now, the plans drafted within the council’s request have not successful to thrill either supporters or rivals in the stop.” (News Leader) And so the extended, attracted out amendment process continues until a contract might be showed up at, which each and every side can accept.

We encourage all Missouri METRO Ecigarette clients to see just like a large an element in this particular voting process as you can. Contact the city council people and cast your election/opinion together. E-cigs should by no means be incorporated in this particular stop which should be known and heard! We have been offered additional time relating to this (as nerve racking since it is it’s been attracted out this extended) which we have to take advantage of that!

- Jessica via
To determine the whole story, follow the link. Ensure to determine the continuing story on-page 2.

White-colored Cloud Cigarettes Reviews

Presentation/Packaging 4.5/5

White-colored Cloud set a significant high bar for presentation and packaging utilizing their previous 2 Cirrus kits, despite the fact that the Cirrus III might be a different it’s all regulated controlled the higher. It’s modern, sharp together with just a little like the Apple apple apple iphone packaging. First of all, it’s smaller sized.? Diminishing their packaging while growing its quality is step one inside the right direction, nonetheless they still be capable of include all the pertinent marketing material and directions while supplying you with increased actual hardware concurrently.

Battery/Responsiveness 4/5

White-colored Cloud’s Cirrus III battery may be the smallest and least heavy yet, which causes it to be a great transition product. Battery also provides incredible battery existence considering its size and expenses immediately. The “smooth draw” technology that White-colored Cloud so highly touts has came back, in addition to their battery remains most likely probably the most responsive 510 style ones I have tried personally. Lots of people can invariably think it’s too smooth, but children somebody that’s a real regular smoker it will make you’re feeling in your own home. Comfort is probably the finest challenges the smoker faces when switching to have an ecig, and White-colored Cloud wants you to definitely certainly feel all warm and fuzzy during your transition.

Vapor/Flavor(s) 4/5

One weakness of previous Cirrus kits might be the flavor will be a little weak. Very good, just weak. They’ve now introduced more recent and much more effective “flavor kick” cartomizers, additionally to improvements to any or all their tastes, which will make this completely an problem in history. They offer the very best espresso and vanilla tastes in the cartomizer in addition to their tobacco is first-rate. They still produce lots of vapor and throat hit, nevertheless the improvements for his or her flavor garners their new package a larger score.

Overall (No Average) 4.5/5

While it’s round the upper tier of costs, you get everything you purchase here. The Cirrus III includes 3 batteries now, additionally to some charger and so the value is obviously enhanced. That was the finest problem with previous iterations, by using it fixed I’d certainly recommend this package to anybody hunting for a high quality ecig. It’s nice to find out a company which takes their customers criticisms into account and processes inside it. Kudos to White-colored Cloud for just about any stellar product.

Disclaimer:?Whitened Cloud Cigarettes does not identify, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease.

Boise Condition Broncos Fire Researchers Blame Fire on E-Cigarette

This certainly should be considered a mistake! Clearly the researchers in the fire needed to locate something/anybody responsible, to make sure that they chose an ecigarette responsible! No proof, no evidence to create.

The Corrales fire chief claims that three employees were parolling the place when among the “dropped” the e-cigarette he/she was puffing on and it also “sparked the fireplaceInch. Just how does which happen getting battery energy powered camera. An e-cigarette beginning a forest fire may be ignore plausible then someone tossing a mobile phone, radio or any other operated by batteries device within the forest, considering catch fire.

Some the way a researchers have considered the e-cigarette can “get hot enough capture cotton from cottonwood trees burning, that is the things they think happened.” (KRQE) There’s however no scientific proof or backup for claims. They didn’t increase the risk for remains within the e-cigarette or any proof it had been subsequently defective and self combusted.

It’s sad to search for the myths about e-cigs still rise.

If you wish to start to see the KRQE story relevant for this fire incident, go here.

- Jessica via KRQE

News Alert: Conflicted EU Rules

There’s conflict brewing between policymakers inside the EU…

Individuals from the ecu Commission recently held a mysterious meeting within the city… Allegedly, the discussion involved creating changes which will pose an instantaneous challenge for the Tobacco Directive ratified by Parliament in October.

The Commission’s suggested changes can make it very difficult for that ecig industry which is clients to obtain their products.

Listed here are a couple of good good examples from the products changes are increasingly being recommended, according to Clive Bates:

?Enables only single-use ecigarette tubes. No refillable models or tanks will probably be permitted
?Enables only tastes already approved for use in NRT
?Limits nicotine density to 20mg/ml maximum
?Limits nicotine content connected having a container to merely 10mg/unit
?Restrictions advertising in press or printed guides (except trade), on radio, TV as well as the internet (through “information society services”)
?Necessitates the submission of data showing final results of qc

Dr. Farsalinos, a professional inside the ecig industry, provides a great summary: “The Eu Commission is identifying on regulation unlike Parliament plans, unlike scientific findings and in contrast to public health interest.”

While things aren’t searching so competent for your European ecigarette industry at this time around, this process is nowhere near complete inside the EU, new legislation must undergo Parliament, the eu Commission as well as the Council of Ministers just before being passed. Following a struggle between Parliament as well as the Commission, we have not yet go to whichever light within the finish from the tunnel…

No less than many of us agree the kids shouldn’t depend in it.

Exactlty what can you do, at this time around? Tweet, clearly! The E-Cigarette Forum is hosting a “Twitterbomb” to enhance awareness for ecigarette legislation inside the EU. Use hashtags #EUecigban #ecigs and #EU to attain exposure and influence others.

7 Queries to Request When Choosing an E-Cigarette (with Pictures)

Ecigarette recognition is ongoing to develop within an incredible rate. Though hundreds of e-cigarette brands – each offering various options – choosing an e-cigarette may be overwhelming if you are a initial-time vaper.? And difficult too in the event you presently vape and would like to switch brands you will need to know very well what to look for inside an e-cigarette this time around around around. ?Before choosing an e-cigarette, request the following questions:

Question 1 – How durable and extended-lasting might be battery?

Battery might be the engine that forces and drives your e-cigarette. Quality is non-negotiable. You will need battery energy that’s reliable and may serve you for a very very long time. You’d would also like the one that supplies a smooth, fluid ventilation. And includes tough, durable construction to live the various bumps and bounces they’ll take on a holiday and becoming around throughout your entire day.

Have to know what our clients think about the Eco-friendly Smoke? e-cigarette battery? See the reviews>>

Question 2 – What size might be the e-cigarette? How does it do this?

Be sure that you choose an e-cigarette to fit your lifestyle. ?If you’re busy, and like things simple, easy, and discreet (specifically in social situations), a little-style e-cigarette, like the ones we sell, is fantastic for you. ?Our batteries come charged capable to use. ?Our tubes are pre-filled to save you time. ?Pop a cartridge from the foil housing, screw it onto battery energy, and also have a puff.

Our FlavorMax? eLiquid tubes come triple-sealed to increase the standard of every single puff.

Have to know what our clients consider their Eco-friendly Smoke? e-cigs? Find out about it>>

Question 3 – The amount of charging options is it necessary?

You’re busy. ?You execute a lot every day. ?For you personally, convenience is everything. ?You need an e-cigarette that’s easy to charge, with multiple techniques for charging it, and that means you don’t finish tabs on an inactive battery without any approach to vape.

Near your personal computer? Plug your USB charger in to a port, and screw battery in.

Driving? Use our high-powered vehicle adapter, and you’ll charge your battery on the move.

Fitness center relaxing? Should there be no computer nearby, you can charge your battery using any wall plug, using one of our high-powered wall plugs.

Whichever e-cigarette you choose, ensure it provides an excellent a number of charging options.

Question 4 – Which tastes are available? Is it useful?

Flavor is important. ?Essential. ?Bad flavor totally kills the pleasure of vaping. ?Some brands offer hundreds of various tastes – but the quantity of tastes offered does not impact the caliber of people tastes.

High-quality tastes are critical if the involves vaping – the flavour can perform or die your vaping experience. ?Search for tastes that are wealthy, ?authentic, are available in many nicotine levels. You may want to take a look at multiple tastes before you decide to uncover those you would like best. Most significantly, search for a brandname like ours? that’s recognized for its outstanding taste and superior vapor volume.

Have to know what our clients consider our tastes?? See what they have to say>>

Question 5 – How pricey can it be?

Around, you normally get everything you purchase. ?With Eco-friendly Smoke? e-cigs, however, you are able to obtain reasonably limited product inside a totally affordable cost. In this particular situation, you’ll be receiving targeted than you taken proper care of, including high-quality e-cigarette products that offer an unmatched vaping experience. ?Sensational tastes, a level draw, and convenience all mix to offer you the finest bang for that e-cigarette buck.

Need a coupon to negotiate deals with your package? We could do that! Get yourself a coupon here>>

Question 6 -Which kind of warranty is supplied? Is One Able To get yourself a refund?

Sure, you will want the most effective e-cigarette money can buy. But you do not need being left high and dry once the e-cigarette company sent the incorrect starter package. Or perhaps the e-cigarette battery didn’t perform as guaranteed. So be smart and choose a brand name that gives generous return and warranty recommendations.

Incidentally, we provide totally free shipping on all paid out orders within the U.S.A., with no order minimum. ?Hey, you’re the client. You deserve not just a superior product – but superior service too.

Question 7 – Will the e-cigarette company value clients?

Look for a brandname getting an amiable, helpful, knowledgeable (and ideally LIVE) customer support team. TIP: Uncover on your own by calling a brand’s customer care. How quickly did they respond? Perhaps you have obtain the questions clarified for the satisfaction? Were returns and refunds done quickly and simply? Have you been treated as being a Private room? There’s only one e-cigarette company that has received the StellaService award for Excellence in Customer Care. ?Guess which.

With hundreds of competing e-cigarette branding messages available, it might look difficult, but after considering it you will notice how easy it might be to obtain the e-cigarette that gives numerous great tastes, huge vaping volume, and outstanding customer care. Enter in the vaping zone with Eco-friendly Smoke? e-cigs. ?We are searching toward meeting you.

Elektro Ecigarette Reviews

Elektro electronic cigarettes prides themselves to get several devoted people whose primary goal is always to provide those that smoke tobacco-free choices to traditional cigarettes. Besides Elektro e-cigs give you the finest quality products in the marketplace, additionally they strive to offer the top deals available on the market too. With Elektro’s totally transformed product, they offer the finest quality of smoking convenience, inside a reasonable price. Elektro Electronic Cigarettes gives those that smoke the freedom to satisfy their smoke related urges by remaining from hazards that tobacco produces, especially to non-those that smoke. Elektro prides themselves in pleasing their customers. So try Elektro, today!

The Parable About Antifreez in E-Cigs is Finally Solved

We discovered a really well crafted story today regarding the myth of antifreeze utilized in electric cigarettes. This is often unquestionably the very best written explanation recommendations, therefore we figured we’d share the particulars about they myth and exactly how it truly is not true.

We’ll begin with the parable. Among the finest protection against electric cigarettes is they are comprised of propylene glycol, that’s frequently found in anti-freeze. What this means is they must be harmful, right?

Wrong. If someone does their research on anti-freeze, they’ll uncover that ethylene glycol may be the substance present in anti-freeze which is called toxic, while propylene glycol may be the component that has been introduced using the Food and drug administration as “often known as safe” (CDC). Propylene glycol could be a substance that can help absorb water, but it’s also present in many household items that you just employOreat each day for example cosmetics, shampoos, mouthwashes, medications, skin creams, massage oils, hands sanitizers, creams, deodorants and even more. It’s even present in many natural hair/skincare items just as one emulsifer and humectant.

The parable depends on the very first browse the Food and drug administration did on e-cigs last year – as study of just 18 electric cigarettes. Sadly a couple of of individuals 18 returned with 1% diethylene glycol incorporated. Society has clung to that particular certain study since it is reason for banning electric cigarettes and deeming them toxic.

However, it does not appear that study proven this past year. The reality with this particular tale is the fact antifreeze just sits there in e-cigarettes – which can be the parable we came here to disprove today.

- Jessica via Electric Ecigarette Center
If you wish to see Terry’s full story relevant with this myth, go here.

Congress Questions E Cigarette Marketing To Kids

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report showing a marked increase in?e cigarette use among teens, various public health organizations and prominent members of governing authority have stepped up to attempt an overhaul on their sale and marketing in the U.S.

From the House and the Senate to more than three dozen attorneys general and 16 reputable institutions of health, this group is pressing for extensive regulation of electronic cigarettes.

Cracking Down on Marketing Tactics

On Tuesday, September 24th, 2013, 40 state attorneys general sent a letter urging the stopping of marketing and sale of electronic cigarettes to kids to Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, strongly encouraging regulatory action against e cigarettes.

On the 26th, 12 members of Congress wrote to nine electronic cigarette companies asking that they explain thoroughly their marketing practices.

Headed by President J.B. Van Hollen, the National Association of Attorneys General maintains that “e cigarettes appeal to youth,” claiming that the existence of flavors such as chocolate and bubble gum proves that these products are marketed toward our country’s children.

In this context, the highly popular drug trafficking TV drama Breaking Bad has generated sales of candy and doughnuts that resemble crystal meth. Has this caused a backlash in the media or elicited outbursts from politicians or government health agencies? ?It has not. ?More on this story.

Expressing that these are obvious tactics to attract underage customers, the NAAG and FDA liken current e cig marketing to the type of advertising that was once used to sell tobacco cigarettes – TV and radio advertising that was banned back in 1970 by President Nixon.

The problem with this logic is that e cigarettes are not tobacco products and they are not marketed, distributed or used as such.

Electronic Cigarette Marketing Aimed at Adults, Not Kids

If these organizations can convince the right higher-ups that e cig manufacturers really do want kids to buy their products, they will be one step closer to having them so heavily restricted that they might as well be banned entirely.

This is why it is so important that accurate information be provided for public review; to combat the misinformation that currently pervades the media.

The fact that kids may enjoy a product in a certain flavor does not prove in any way that it is the manufacturer’s intent to market its product to children.

To put forth such an argument is to ignore the fact that millions of adults in America and from around the world do, believe it or not, like the way fruit and candy taste.

Looming regulations and misinformed authorities aside, the real topic of importance here is clear. Keeping these products out of the hands of children and teens is a primary objective for any legitimate and responsible e cig manufacturer

White Cloud has always vigorously discouraged use of our electronic cigarette products by nonsmokers as well as anyone under 18 years of age. Regardless of what occurs when regulation does take place, our stance will always be as such – responsible enjoyment for consumers of legal age.



E-Cigarette Use: The fallacy of puff counts

Because we have effectively launched ClearDraw2, numerous you may have observed various things about how you describe the tubes. Ultimately can safely say our latest product provides more flavor, includes more liquid, and contains no cotton filler to lower taste, there’s no comparison to traditional cigarette usage, or any mention of the “puff counts.”

The truth is, inside the childhood of e-cigarette marketing, all anybody preferred to understand is:

  • Does it taste as being a cigarette?
  • Will it satisfy as being a cigarette?
  • Will it last as extended just like a pack associated with a nicotine items?

Considering lots of people initially switched to e-cigs like a more sensible choice to tobacco, this is often a fair kind of questioning. But, inside the years since, the vaping market is ongoing to develop and developed well past exactly what it was.

Today, e-cigarettes offer a fit condition, tastes, functions, and technology – with this particular evolution, our vaping needs and practices have grown to be, too. Because of this, it’s really no better to produce blanket claims of “XXX puffs per cartridge” or “Lasts just like two packs associated with a nicotine items,Inch which have been (but nonetheless are) a couple of from the predominant taglines utilized by plenty of e-cigarette companies.

(Heck, similar verbiage still appears on our website, and may soon be transformed with copy that reflects the changing character within our customers’ habits, and people of e-cigarette clients generally.)

While early adopters of e-cigarettes might have attempted them much like tobacco, many clients quickly changed their habits after realizing vaping will be a particularly different practice. The bottom line is, your e-cigarette isn’t just a alternative for just about any tobacco cigarette any more. It is really an entirely new approach to satisfy people urges, while appealing to other senses, too.

E-cigarettes don’t cause commitment issues

Generally, those that smoke take 8-12 puffs per lit cigarette (according to length), each lasting roughly 2-3 seconds. Furthermore they sometimes permit the cigarette burn idly between puffs, then extinguish the cigarette before it burns lower for the filter.

Although most smokers’ routine is essentially similar, you’ll find versions that depend from case to case.?Some simply take numerous small puffs, although some inhale more frequently per session.?Many people who smoke inhale much deeper than these, and so on.

The primary among those that smoke and vapers is dependant on the quantity of commitment. Because of cost, and the requirement to physically go outdoors of all venues, those that smoke possess a inclination to complete an entire cigarette, regardless of weather, desire or need.

With electronic cigarettes, it’s not necessary to “purchase obtaining a smoke,” but rather might take a puff or two and hang it lower prior to the need or desire arises again.

E-cigs have different usage designs

As vaping is adopted by more ex-those that smoke, we’re going to a general change in e-cigarette use overall. Whereas most those that smoke possess a cigarette, stub it then watch for set period until they illuminate again, most vapers appear to acquire their e-cigarette close at hands whatsoever occasions.

Sometimes, this means more regular vaping throughout the time of every day. In some cases, it’s used more moderately, for instance when urges strike.

If an individual works in the vape-friendly office, and puffs constantly throughout your day, coping with three e-cigs before lunch, can it be pretty sure each made it the same time just like a pack from the smokes? Unlikely. Possibly the puff counts were comparable, nevertheless the usage is not, and then for any direct critiques might be misleading.

Though recent limitations have reduced e-cigarette use inside and in public places, the chance to make use of e-cigs in places than tobacco has effectively moved usage actions.

Nicotine options have changed how people “smoke”

Though most those that smoke know which cigarette brands hold the most “kick,” tobacco is not offered based on nicotine strength. However, the e-cigarette industry remains fairly forthcoming in giving clients a number of strength options to complement their tobacco usage.

If someone smokes heavily to quell incessant nicotine urges, an e-cigarette getting a higher nicotine level must offer an enjoyable match. This really is not necessarily an exact parallel, which explains why new e-cigarette clients frequently vape much more heavily and often in comparison as to the they smoked. They may decelerate as time passes, however, this skews the validity of puff counts and usage metrics mentioned by e-cigarette companies.

Some companies possess a inclination to cap their nicotine talents around 2.4-2.6%, White-colored Cloud offers the XX (5.4%) strength, which allows heavy those that smoke to satisfy urges without requiring to make use of our products excessively.

E-cigarette tastes cannot be overlooked

In the event you factor out people flavored “little cigars” which are currently progressively well-loved by people who would like to save a couple of bucks on cigarettes, those that smoke only have two flavor options – tobacco and menthol.

Sure, there are lots of versions using these two flavor profiles, however in the conclusion throughout your day, the tastes center solely on traditional or menthol tobacco.

Since cigarette smoking can diminish taste receptors, it’s safe to visualise many those that smoke use cigarettes solely to many other reasons, for instance nicotine delivery or sensation. Consequently, we could then believe that these those that smoke aren’t going out into inclement weather for immediate flavor, but rather the opportunity to fulfill a real nicotine craving.

E-cigarette clients possess a inclination to do something in different ways. Yes, many clients stay with the tobacco and menthol tastes they love. But, while using apparently endless choice of unique e-cigarette tastes available, vapers will most likely possess a quick puff or two to satisfy a flavor craving around their requirement of nicotine.

Today, it is not uncommon for vapers to skip dessert and grab a sweet flavored e-cigarette rather. Likewise, we’ve been relayed through plenty of clients that like to pair e-cigarette tastes with cocktails together with other drinks. Vapers who wish a puff or two to satiate a flavor craving aren’t always while using the product greatly exactly the same just like a traditional tobacco smoker, again altering usage designs.

Maybe this isn’t why they first switched to e-cigs, nevertheless it seems to own enhanced their enjoyment substantially.


While critiques to traditional cigarettes are inevitable, and aren’t vanishing, it’s really no more seem practice for e-cigarette companies to draw in direct parallels to cigarette use. Vapers are employing their e-cigs in a variety of places, for a number of measures of your energy, and sometimes for reasons aside from nicotine urges.

Because of this we are shifting from discussions of “puff counts” as our items evolves, and so are rather moving our focus toward things we could precisely measure – more mLs of e-liquid in each and every cartridge, more ventilation within our renovated chamber, plus much more precise completing our USA-based facility.